Thursday, September 1, 2011

School Spirit/Shirt Make-over

New school, new school color, new school shirts! This year the girls are going to Hafen Elementary. And every Friday is Spirit Day and the girls are supposed to wear red.  We bought the school shirts, and as usual they are totally huge and boxy, especially on my skinny little girls.  Well this year I decided to fix that.  I just picked out a shirt that fit them and laid it out on the school shirt and then cut around the shirt that fit.  Then I just stitched up the school shirt, on the sides that I cut.  Now it is much more girly and fitted!  I even used the excess fabric from their school shirts to make them matching headbands!  The only thing that makes me sad about this picture is that Greg is not in it.  I've gotten so used to him being there with the kids at school and getting to do all the fun school things together.