Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Preschool, Day 11

This week we are moving on to the letter X. I tried to do a pictorial preschool schedule today.

At 8:30 the kids start arriving at Miss Amie's house. We have free play with toys until all the kids arrive.

8:40 - The kids practice writing their names. We have laminated cards with their names written on them. They each have to trace
their name on the front, then free hand write it on the back.

8:50 - Circle time. We do the Pledge of Allegiance and sing songs.

9:10 - Letter time. The kids practice writing the current letter that we are working on.

9:20 - Math. Today we learned about spacial relationships (next to, on top of, under, in front of and behind.)

9:45 - Recess

10:00 - Snack. The snacks usually go with our letter or the color of the month. Today we had crackers with cheese whiz X's on them.

10:15 - Social Studies/Science Lesson. We discussed what was happening in our plant experiments.

10:30 - Craft time. The kids made colorful, paper xylophones.

10:40 - Story. We usually read stories the go along with what we are learning about that day.

10:55 - The kids straighten-up, get their shoes and backpacks on, and line-up at the door to go home.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Preschool, Day 10

We continued with the letter W today.
Miss Amie brought in real worms for the kids to see and touch. A few of the kids chose just to look at the worms, but surprisingly most of the kids actually picked up the worms.

For snack time we had "worms" (spaghetti noodles) and whale shaped chicken nuggets.

During craft time the kids got to paint with a "worm" (again just a spaghetti noodle). The masterpieces turned out really cool looking and the kids loved doing it.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Preschool, Day 9

So we're going to skip "Preschool, Day 8" because I forgot to take pictures. On to day 9.

This week we are learning the letter W.

Today was a perfect day to learn about wind. Miss Amie had the kids re-purpose plastic grocery bags into kid-friendly kites. Miss Amie tied 1 long piece of string onto both handles of each grocery bag, then the kids decorated their kites with lots of stickers. The kites easily catch the wind as the kids run around outside. The kids had sooo much fun!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

game night...

We love playing games at Grammy and Granddad's house. Avalyn, our 4 year old, even likes to get in on the fun by playing some of the less complicated games. Some of our favorites games to play include:

The Train Game (also known as Ticket to Ride),

Wizards (a card game, it's a lot like hearts),

Dragonlords (aka Dragon Master, I didn't really like this game at first, but I won last time so now it's my favorite!),

9 High (a card game played with 3 regular decks of cards shuffled together... if you want to know how to play, leave us a comment asking), and

Hearts (you know... just like the one you can play on your computer, but with real people).

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Preschool, Day 7

Preschool is at Miss Amie's house this month. That means that I am the helper mom (phew!)and Miss Amie is the teacher. We will be learning the letters V, W and X, the color purple, and other things that I don't have to plan.

Today we started working on the letter V. Miss Amie came up with this really cute game. The kids take turns driving their imaginary Van and they all make Vroom noises. Then Miss Amie holds up a picture of a V thing (volcano, violin, etc.) and asks one kid "What can you see out the window?", they shout out the name of the V thing and the game continues until everyone has had a turn. Here they are in the Van showing how to make a V with their fingers.

On a side note, isn't this the coolest backyard toy?! It is an airplane and a teeter-tooter. It fits all 8 kids on it at one time! All the kids love it! Miss Amie told me that she got it at COSTCO, I love Costco! I need it (hint, hint mom).

We also started a science experiment. The kids each planted 2 plants in separate pots. One to put in a sunny spot and one to put in a dark spot. Both plants are supposed to be watered the same. At the end of the month the kids are going to report back what happened to each of the plants. Don't worry I promise to post the results at the end of the month.