Sunday, April 6, 2008

game night...

We love playing games at Grammy and Granddad's house. Avalyn, our 4 year old, even likes to get in on the fun by playing some of the less complicated games. Some of our favorites games to play include:

The Train Game (also known as Ticket to Ride),

Wizards (a card game, it's a lot like hearts),

Dragonlords (aka Dragon Master, I didn't really like this game at first, but I won last time so now it's my favorite!),

9 High (a card game played with 3 regular decks of cards shuffled together... if you want to know how to play, leave us a comment asking), and

Hearts (you know... just like the one you can play on your computer, but with real people).


Ryan said...

Cool! I wish we could be there to play with you (and I wish my wife liked to play games more, the little bookworm)!

Ryan said...

What about "Magic: The Gathering"? That was always Greg's favorite in high school.

severts5 said...

My black trenchcoat has remained hidden in a box in the closest for the past 9 years now. Thanks for bringing that up. I'm the gatekeeper, are you the keymaster??

kevin said...

ok forget utah this weekend, im staying to hang out with my fav nieces.