Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Cute Girls

The girls with their stuffed-animals.
Briley with Lamby and Avalyn with Piggy.


Natalie said...

oh amber! great job with the blog. i have been wanting to do this instead of posting individual pictures everytime. i cannot believe how much the girls have changed since christmas! briley looks way different and avie is becoming such a little girl. i can't believe she will be starting school soon and becoming a big sister for the 2nd time! I posted a comment under this picture because i think its my favorite, love the candid poses. i bet you guys are thrilled to have jan and mark only 45 minutes away now- what a blessing! we miss you guys and hope things continue to get better and better down there in parump! (dont know how its spelled) let as know as soon as you know what baby #3 is!


Paul said...

So glad you guys got a blog. The girls look so cute.