Wednesday, August 29, 2007


So the 28th has come and gone and I'm still pregnant. I guess third times not a charm. Just kidding, I still have 5 weeks to go. But, it was slightly disappointing not to go into labor on the 28th, since all 2 pregnancies before this one, I have gone on the 28th.
Well, since we were not at the hospital having a baby, we had a small family party for the girls. Grammy and Granddad and Uncle Sean made the drive to Pahrump. We watched some home movies of Avalyn during her first year. We ate soup (A & B's favorite food) and opened presents and had some peach pie. It was just a nice, low-key celebration.

Briley received some new "prince-a-less" movies and, of course, had to watch one immediately. And she snuggled with Granddad the whole time.


Kent & Beka said...

So cute... I can't believe that day has come and gone again and we still have cards sitting here not sent... one day I will be on the ball and get it done!
We love you guys!

Severts Family said...

happy birthday girls! wish we could have been there. i can't believe it was that long ago that we had avies first birthday party at that park by your house in orem. crazy. miss you guys.-nat

Paul said...

Sounds like a fun b-day. But aren't Avie's feet better suited for swimming - - not ballet? Just kidding!

Supermom said...

So fun!! I love the leotard, and you can tell that Avie does too. Are you guys putting her in dance, or is it for the private home studio? :)

Lindsay said...

Happy birthday girls!! Good luck with the last few weeks of pregnancy, Amber...we look forward to hearing the news!!