Sunday, November 4, 2007

Shallon's Blessing Day

We blessed Shallon today.
Grammy, Granddad and uncle Sean came to Pahrump for her special day. Shallon did really well, she was only fussy while the guys were getting in place, once her daddy started talking she quieted right down.
Grammy does something really special for each of the girls on their blessing day. She writes down the whole blessing using shorthand, then she translates it and prints it out in a pretty font for the girl's scrapbooks. We are so lucky to have such a thoughtful Grammy.

So here are the Triplets! (just kidding)

The first one is Shallon's blessing picture. Next is Briley's blessing picture. And finally Avalyn's blessing picture. Yes, it's the same dress, Grammy bought it for Avalyn's blessing and I plan on all of my girls wearing it.


Wiberg 5 said...

She looks cute and you look super pretty Amber!

Lindsay said...

Cutie girl! I still think she looks like both her sisters.

The family pic is hilarious. Where's Avie's model pose? And is Briley squeezing the life out of Shallon? Very funny! You and Greg look great, though.

Severts Family said...

aww i didn't realize that was when you guys were going to bless her. so fun! wish we could have been there. it seems like just a couple months ago we were there for briley's- time is going too quick i guess! i still can't tell who shallon looks like. in that picture she is a complete mix between avie and briley

jami said...

I can't believe how big she is. Her dress looks so cute on her.

jor said...

she looks beautiful! the picture with Avie's scowl and Shallon crying is priceless...I love it! :)

Paul said...

I'm impressed that Briley was able to stay asleep in that picture.

by the way, Carson LOVES the gwen stefani song. he always starts dancing when it comes on.

Heidi said...

Beautiful dress Shallon has! Looks like a wonderful day! Amber you look great- all of you do.

Heidi said...

Oh my. I totally thought it was 3 pictures of the same baby! They look so much a like. Totally triplets!

Tamie said...

girls, girls, and more girls...i think that we might just ry to out do you guys one by adding another boy (that is NOT an announcement!)...eventually. I don't think that i would know what to do with that is a thought. :)
they sure are cute though!

Shari said...

I thought they were the same baby too. I guess Shallon is wearing a purple bow and the other aren't but man do they look a lot alike.

Are you digitally scrapping yet? If you aren't yet I would love to scrap a LO with the three blessing pictures. It would make such a cute LO