Wednesday, May 21, 2008


29 Things about Greg Severts

1. I call him Babe. I know it’s nothing unique.
2. It is his 29th birthday today.
3. I have lived with him for almost 8 years now, ever since we got hitched. And I have loved every second of it.
4. He is soo handsome.
5. One of his defining features is his curly hair. I love it when he grows it out a little.
6. And his gorgeous BLUE eyes. I am soo glad that some of our daughters have them too.
7. He is very romantic. When we were dating and first married; he would leave little notes, with sweet things written on them, around for me to find. I loved it. (hint, hint)
8. He is HA-larious. That’s was what hooked me in; I was giggling the whole 2 month long courtship. And have continued giggly ever since.
9. He has an amazing family. I am soo lucky to have such great in-laws.
10. He has always slept with a pillow between his knees. If he is unable to find some sort of pillow, I am afraid that no one will sleep until an extra pillow can be found.
11. He loves Mt. Dew, but he will usually hold off until we are on a road trip.
12. He loves sports.
13. That is an understatement. Not only does he like to play sports, but he likes to watch sports and he likes to talk about sports and he likes to watch people talk about sports and… if it has to do with sports he loves it.
14. When Greg proposed to me he wanted to do it by playing tennis and he hid my ring in the tennis ball.
15. He plays pick-up basketball sometimes twice a week.
16. He also plays in an indoor hockey league, though he is taking this season off.
17. He is a 3rd grade school teacher. He loves his job and he LOVES the kids.
18. The love is mutual. When his students see him at Wal-Mart or at a restaurant, they get embarrassed, but always say, "Hi Mr. Severts."
19. He drives a Moped to school and I think he likes it.
20. He is an aggressive driver; he gets that from his mom.
21. He is always offering to help with anything and everything. At a party, you can find him in the kitchen scrubbing something.
22. He has a strong testimony of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
23. And a strong desire to do the right thing.
24. He is the world’s best husband.
25. He is very sensitive to my needs, he is always helping out with the girls, he knows when to take the girls for a little outing so I can have a break.
26. He is an amazing father.
27. He changes diapers and helps out during potty-training.
28. The girls love it when he does Underdog to them on the swings.
29. And last but not least, he is my best friend.

Happy Birthday Babe! I love you!


Lindsay said...

What a cute post! I really enjoyed reading it. As different at they are, Greg and Ryan are definitely brothers--they've got the whole sports thing in common, of course, and also the pillow between the knees thing. Ryan has a special pillow specifically for that purpose (it was a birthday present) that he must take on trips with him. See you guys tomorrow!

Jessie said...

Happy Birthday, Greg!

I'm going to ask Preston if Greg demanded an extra pillow in Brazil. I'm just thinkin' they probably didn't even have a pillow for their heads!

val said...

Cute. Happy Birthday Geeg! Can't wait to see you guys tomorrow!

Ryan said...

Happy Birthday, my friend. I'm close behind you on the big 2-9.

30. Greg can remember the names and slot numbers for at least half of the dozens of old folks that stored their golf bags at Pinehurst Country Club.