Tuesday, August 19, 2008


This photo was totally staged, I will admit it. But doesn’t Shallon look sooo cute all snuggled up with her new little lamb? Sleeping babies are the best!

quickpage- SuzieBelle* Designs, Audrey Kit
fonts- Beyond Neverland and Pea Alicia Script


Lindsay said...

Awww, she is SUCH a cute baby. I just love that scrapbook page, too. So sweet!

Rachel said...

I love the fonts you used on these you have to tell me where you got them! Look how good you are at digi-scraping! Its so fun, I've kinda lost the drive to scrap latley so it's inspiring to see your pages!

Julie said...

Such a cute scrapbook page Amber. That's how I made that book about Greg's grandma. Did cute pages, then drug them into the book software as a full page picture to be hardbound as a book. You're ready to start compiling your cute stuff in a book!