Friday, November 14, 2008

princess handbook

Here's a LO I did from Shallon's birthday.

The text says: Shallon's Princess Handbook
lesson #33: How to properly remove your tiara.
step 1: Completely ignore pleas to "just keep it on"
step 2: Grip tiara firmly behind ears and pull upwards
step 3: Try to hand off tiara to nearby "ladies in waiting", if unavailable any nearby royal will do
step 4: Raise arms in victory
step 5: Fluff hair

template- Scrapmuss Designs, Tuesday Template Challenge
staples- Suzie-belle Designs, stella freebie mini kit
paper, heart, diamonds, and bow- Britt-ish Designs, just married add-on freebie
fonts- Pea XOXO from Karen and You are Loved

1 comment:

Wiberg 5 said...

Since I'm a little behind, I love the quilt! Very talented. And the hair-I'm sure my girl's and myself would not have patience for that fancy. And the princess page on Shallon is so cute!