Thursday, January 15, 2009

Pahrump Dairy Field Trip

Briley's preschool teacher, Miss Shelley, set up a really fun field trip to our local dairy today. I think that the kids really had a good time (except the only GIRL, Briley, who complained the whole time about how stinky it was). We even got to see some newborn cows that were born as recently as that morning. I could not believe how big the newborns were, as a mom all I have to say is "Thank goodness I am not a cow," those babies are gigantic! *(see pictures of kids right up against the fence) And we ended the field trip with some yummy chocolate milk and cookies provided by Shelley. Thanks Shelley, what a fun field trip, (even though it was pretty stinky)!

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Kristi said...

What a fun field trip. I've never been to the dairy here. (Although I have smelled the cows quite a bit). I bet the kids loved seeing the cows.