Saturday, June 20, 2009

cute hair!

Just some pictures of all my hard work!!! And let me tell you it is HARD work getting the girls hair to look like this! But well worth it for a final product like this (someday the girls will agree with me , right?!?!)...

No after pictures of Shallon, probably because she fell asleep with her hair still up. Not the most comfortable hairstyle for sleeping that's for sure!


Wiberg 5 said...

Very cute hair! I hope you went somewhere really fun with hair that great (and not just a day at home:). I don't think either of my girls would sit still long enough to have fun hair like that. Good job!

Tamie said...

wow! i am not sure HOW you get them to sit still for that long....i'm thinking that i'm the type of mom that is cut out for a pony tail, braid or pig tails (if we ever have a girl).
Those are AMAZING!