Tuesday, October 13, 2009

the swing

Tason loves to sleep in his swing... while the shower's going.
The second the water is turned off, there is crying involved!

*the water was running during this photoshoot.


Lindsay said...

Luke was like that. I wasted a lot of water those first few weeks after he was born (gotta go to the bathroom sometime!) until I figured out that the blow dryer had the same effect. I would just leave it running while I did other things. Worked for Ruby, too.
I'm loving all these pictures. He is so so cute!! Can't wait to meet him in TWO weeks!

Supermom said...

too bad you can't just leave the water running all the time. Box fans worked for megan, I would just face it to the wall so he wouldn't catch a breeze. blow dryer is a good idea too!