Friday, January 1, 2010

Death Valley/New Year's Day

On New Year's Day, Sean and Brooke came down to hang out with our little family! We all headed over to Death Valley to take in the sights and, of course, take lots of pictures! And I think that all of these pictures were taken by Sean. That's why I'm actually in some of them, so thanks Brooke for bringing Sean along!! ;)


Lindsay said...

Love that pic of Tason. He's SO cute!!

Mark said...

Boy - that hat on Tason reminds us of how COLD it gets in Pahrump! It must have been 60 degrees out!

Sean said...

oh that was SO much fun. Now I can say that I was at Sea level as well as 190 ft below. (i think that's what it was at the museum) hopefully you got that gas/food money I left on your fridge. thanks again