Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Preschool Cowgirls!

I was the helper this month for preschool. And we had soooo much fun with Miss Angela! The theme for this month was cowboys. Miss Angela made all the kids (including Shallon) awesome felt cowboy vest complete with cowboy fabric neckerchiefs.  Then she arranged pony rides for all the kids, where we also got to see a giant snake!  Shallon was even brave enough to touch the snake, but Briley was definitely keeping some distance between herself and the snake (just like her mommy).

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Sean said...

Wow they are growing up so FAST!!! I need to see them and quick! I'm coming to Vegas the weekend of July 17th. Maybe then. Brooke and I are coming down. I need to get my eyes checked and have a dental cleaning of my teeth. So maybe Saturday or Sunday Brooke and I can come see the girls and Tason