Thursday, June 12, 2008

baby legs

Now that Shallon is a crawler, her knees are getting pretty roughed up. I found these cute leg warmers online, but they are a little pricey. One of the other babies at playgroup had some on and her mom told me that she made them out of knee high socks. Here is my attempt. I think that they turned out pretty cute. On a side note Shallon loves Sadie (the dog in the picture). When Sadie is in sight, Shallon crawls at warp speed towards her. And Sadie is actually very tolerant of Shallon's attempts to hold on to her fur.


jor said...

What a great idea! I have seen the leggins too and was surprise how much they $12 a pair right? And I'd be the kids would wear holes in the knees pretty fast. What a good idea to do it out of socks and they look great!

Cortney said...

Your girls are all so cute! And the homemade baby legs are perfect. We love those at our house too! :)

PeavoyMom said...

Those are definatly as cute as baby Zion's. Good job! (I can't wait until I have a girl and get to make some!)