Sunday, September 21, 2008

Happy Birthday, Shallon!

Our baby is 1!

We had a super fun filled evening with Grammy and Granddad and Uncle Sean.

Shallon requested her favorite dinner of pancakes. Then we headed over to Daddy's school. Where Shallon had fun playing on the playground.

And on the drive home she got to stick her head out Grammy's sunroof and practice her princess-parade-wave.

Then Shallon tentatively opened all of her presents. I think she was pretty much thinking "What the heck is going on, why is everyone shoving bags in my face and the dumping all the stuff inside on my lap?" Shallon did receive a couple pairs of shoes, which should get a lot of wear with her new found walking skills.

And during the cake portion of the festivities, Shallon was equally as confused. She daintily picked the slightly-hardened frosting off the cake with her pincher-grasp. And most of it actually made it into her mouth.

Definitely a memorable day, as our sweet baby transitions into a toddler.


Tamie said...

happy birthday shallon...and o.m.g.
your hair is sooooo long amber...lookin' good!

Kathryn said...

One...already! Wow, time flies. It is no fun not seeing you very often anymore. I love all of the latest pictures and cute new scrapbook pages. Are you done teaching preschool for awhile?

Lindsay said...

Such a cute, cute little girl! Can't to see her and the rest of you guys next month.

Long Family said...

What cute pictures! Happy birthday Shallon!

Severts Family said...

yay! happy birthday shallon. so excited to see her. i can't believe she's already one. cute family photo!

Wiberg 5 said...

Wow, time flies! She is adorable and your hair is so long! It makes me miss my long hair (it is still mostly long)