Monday, September 8, 2008


As soon as Avalyn got home from school (at 11:30am) today, she wanted to get ready for ballet class (at 4pm). I made her wait until at least after lunch. This will be her second year of ballet at Donna's Studio of Dance. It was soo fun to see her run into the studio to greet her fellow ballerinas. Most of the girls are were in her class last year. They were dancing around and hugging each other. Then they all sat in a circle kicking their feet in the air and laughing hysterically. It was sooo cute.

ps. Thanks Kathryn for taking sooo many cute pictures!

template- yin designs #12
background paper and stars- Britt-ish Designs, who needs a fairy godmother
polka-dot and stripe paper- WM Squared Designs
"a"- Britt-sh Designs, sunshine sweets
fonts- DJ Fancy and pea Alicia


Kathryn said...

I recognize those pictures. Cute page girl!! It is so fun to see all of those cute girls giggle and have fun.

Tristi Pinkston said...

I've decided there's about nothing cuter than a little girl in a ballerina costume. They're just so girly and full of life and innocence!