Friday, October 17, 2008

Dinner and Bowling

If you live in Pahrump, have you eaten at Wulfy's?? We love it! The food is good and the entertainment is even better! They have arcade-style bowling lanes. That not only keep my girls entertain, but keeps my husband entertained (much more important, don't you think?), and only costs a dollar! We love to eat here with our friends! If you haven't eaten here, you need to try it. And if you decide to try it, you should call us because we like to eat here! "Meet me at Wulfy's!" (that's their tag line, incase you were wondering.)


jolley time said...

Those are some awsome bowling skills! We still haven't been there. I am glad to know that it is good! you guys look great!

Ryan said...

"Wulfy's"? Sounds like a place me a Greg used to hang out at in high school called "The Max". The owner did magic tricks all the time, and one time there was a dance contest, and this chick with a sprained ankle won while dancing with the school dork.

Thomas said...

We also loved this place like a year ago..we tried to bring our kids about 2 months ago, and they told us they changed it and kids aren't allowed in there :( we were so sad. Did they change the rules again??