Friday, October 31, 2008


We spent Halloween evening with our good friends, the Abbiss family. Here is a run down of our night:

4 pm - Our first stop, the Rudd Community Center. They had an indoor carnival set-up there with candy prizes for all participants.

5 pm - Next, we hopped in the van and made our way to the Trinity Church Halloween Carnival. There the kids got their faces painted, bounced around in inflatable castles, partook of free hot dogs and soda, played more carnival games and received more candy.

6 pm - Finally, we made it to our own 4-ward Trunk-or-Treat. We ran into lots of friends. And enjoyed the best kettle corn I have ever eaten! And the girls received even more candy.

7 pm - Home. Jammies. Candy. Sleep.


Heidi said...

Cute Halloween shots! I like gregs costume too.
fun day.
: ) h

Jer said...

seriously, greg--how long did it take to get all tatted out? It's a great look for you. I bet your students would be less likely to talk back to you in class.

Paul said...

Those tats make you look pretty tough. Shoulda put a few on your neck.

Ryan said...

Nice costume. Who did all the tat work, Kat Von D or that bald guy in Miami?