Thursday, December 2, 2010

Preschool helper, week 1

It's my month to help out during preschool.  I love being there to see how Shallon's doing.  I am very happy to see that she is keeping up nicely with this older group of preschoolers.  Today Miss Edwina had a cute hand-print Rudolph craft for the kids to do. And Shallon cut out her own hand-prints, all by herself, with scissors, she's only 3 years-old!!!  As you can see we did have to reinforce one of her pinkies, after it was almost cut off, but we were able to save it!  I also had to throw in a picture of my little helper, Tason.  He is just loving being able to go to preschool with me and Shallon. Lots of paper to scribble on, kids to play with (whether they want to play or not) and lots of mini-corndogs to shove in his mouth! 

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