Sunday, December 26, 2010

Snow fun at the cabin

Ok, I'll admit it, I was a little stressed out when I first found out that we were heading up to a cabin in the mountains, the day after Christmas.  We do after all live in the desert, so we don't own a lot of snow gear or any for that matter!  But luckily we have some good friends that we could borrow from (thank you Jensens, Churches and Sonerholms) and a couple thrift stores that actually had snow gear (surprisingly).  A couple of things that we did learn for future snow trips: 1. Rain boots are not the same as snow boots.  2. If you buy hats and gloves specifically for a trip you should make sure that said hats and gloves are packed!  3. Our mini-van does NOT do well in the snow.  Overall we had a GREAT time!!! Thank you sooooo much Uncle Paul and Grammy for getting the cabin and helping make some wonderful holiday memories!


severts6 said...

Sweet pics Babe! I love the one of Av sliding down, Shally coming out the tunnel, and Tason with the huge snow ball!

Carolyn said...

He a big Congratulations to you guys! And I love the Christmas pics.

Carolyn said...

I mean Hey, not He. :)

MJ said...

Amber, your photos are amazing and I really enjoyed looking through your blog. So fun!

Congrats again on baby number five. My sister and I are soo excited for you!