Saturday, May 23, 2009

Death Valley

We took a little day trip to Death Valley with the Abbiss family today. And yes it was hot! The thermometer by our heads (in the 2nd picture) says it's only 100 degrees, but that thing was in the shade, attached to an air-conditioned building (that has to affect the reading, right?)!!! In spite of the heat, we still had a fun time taking in the sights (???) and mostly just hanging out with our friends!


Wiberg 5 said...

It looks like fun! Amber, you look great, hardly pregnant at all. Way to go!

Eric and Jackie said...

Congrats on expecting a boy, there's no doubt about him being a boy either!
We love your comments they make us laugh! By the way I know a chiropractor that could help with that bed wetting problem..... In my son's case I think it is just pure laziness, but thank you for the offer of the size 30's I am sure he will be in those pretty soon!