Thursday, May 14, 2009


Briley finished off her first year of preschool with a little graduation ceremony tonight. It went very smoothly and the kids did a great job.

For the program, all the kids sang a few of the songs that they had learned this past year. Then each kid presented the first letter of their name. Briley's went like this, "B is for Briley and Ballerina." Each kid was then called up to receive their preschool diploma (thanks miss Holly). Finally we all went inside to watch a video presentation of all the fun that we had this year at preschool (thanks miss Shelley)!

Briley had a really fun first year of preschool and she is already looking forward to her second one, next year!

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Paul said...

So does this mean you'll switch your email address yet again? That's too bad, but I do like the new header - only 138 days to go!

Briley is by far the prettiest one in her class. Looks like fun.