Thursday, March 13, 2008

Preschool, Day 4

Today we finished up with the letter T and we had our St. Patrick's Day lesson (I know it's early, but this is the last day of preschool before St. Patrick's Day).

For snack time we had green scrambled eggs and bacon. Some of the kids were pretty hesitant to eat green eggs, but with a little coaxing to just try them, all but 1 of the kids ate them all. The 1 insisted that she didn't even like regular colored eggs, I did confirm this fact later with her mom.

We learned about traditions like wearing green on St. Patrick's Day, we read a story about tricky Leprechauns, and we made cute "Leprechaun Kids."

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mom4five said...

Hi it's cousin Laura, I just found your blog. Your kids are beautiful. Have fun with them they grow-up to fast. Love always...Laura