Saturday, March 22, 2008

State 2008, continued

Back in the day, it was a tradition to have t-shirts made for State. We would all go to the same store, Shirtz To Go, at Southcenter Mall. Shallon and I decided to keep the tradition alive this year. Here is a picture of Coach Kristin's "Official Fanclub." Check out those cute shirts!

My cousin, Kayla, was also on her high school's drill team. She made her daughter's super cute sweater to match her team's sweaters. Future Drill-Teamers???

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Shari said...

You mean to tell me you were at State and you didn't tell me?!!! WE WERE THERE!!! I chaparoned so I was there the whole weekend. I am so bummed now that I didn't get to see you. I saw Kristen down on the floor (didn't even know she was pregnant). I wish I would have know you were going. Well, maybe not considering the t-shirt you are wearing. Just where do your loyalties lie girl? Have you no team pride for your almamater? Considering Liberty came in last place I don't blame you for crossing over to enemy territory. HaHaHa