Saturday, March 15, 2008

Primary Easter Party

We took the girls to our Primary Easter party today. The party was at the park and it was a really nice day, great weather to be outside for the party. They divided all the kids into age groups and they had different Easter-themed stations; a bean-bag toss in the Easter Bunny's mouth, a cookie walk, and an egg shaped pinata. The kids rotated through all the stations. Then there was an egg hunt, each age group searched in a different section of the park. The girls had so much fun! Even Shallon who fell asleep half-way through the party.


Wiberg 5 said...

How fun! It looks so sunny and warm. Our easter egg hunt was absolutely FREEZING! We had the kids out for about 10 minutes and then quickly got them warm again.

West Family said...

Cute girls! Our easter was snow filled!