Friday, December 12, 2008

Activity Advent, day 12

day 12:
Breakfast for Dinner

Tonight we had french toast (my best attempt yet) and scrambled eggs for dinner.

Even though it appears that Shallon is not happy about this, she is really just mad that there is no food on her tray yet.

And Briley unfortunately fell asleep while I was preparing this delicious dinner, therefore missing it completely. I'm sure that you all will be happy to know, that she did enjoy some Taco Bell nachos later, while we were out Christmas shopping.


Julie said...

My secret to good french toast is to use a loaf of real french bread. It tastes so good, you don't have to add vanilla or cinnamon or anything. Yum!

Ryan said...

It doesn't look like Greg has shaved for two months. Trying to grow your Santa beard?