Saturday, December 20, 2008

Activity Advent, day 20

day 20:
Pick out Dollar Store Presents for Sisters.

So today we went to the dollar store and the girls got to pick out 1 present for each of their sisters. And the trip was a success, thanks to Aunt Natalie. Not only did she take the picture for this post, she also helped me separate the girls so they could secretly pick out the gifts. Then when both Avalyn and Briley decided that they had to use the restroom immediately and the restrooms were out-of-order and there was a super long check out line, Natalie offered to wait in line and pay for the gifts while the girls and I tried to find a nearby restroom. Thanks Natalie, you are a lifesaver! And you may be asking yourself, "Where was Greg during all of this?" Well, he and his brothers got tickets to the Las Vegas Bowl, enough said. You'll have to check back for the Christmas Day post to find out what the girls purchased.

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