Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Activity Advent, day 16

day 16:
Make Christmas Goodies

We made Snow Ball Cookies, Chocolate Chip Cookies and Turtles this year. The girls were actually helpful now that they are older. And they really had fun helping mommy make all the goodies. Maybe next year Shallon will be able to help, too.


Cami said...

You are so good! A fun event for every day, and you're blogging it. I bet the girls are loving it. I thought about showing my kids and thought better of it...their Mom is being a total slacker right now. We did get a little help with our Pixie Week started this year by a new family in the ward. It's just like Secret Santa. My kids love delivering a gift to our secret family almost as much as they like to hear our own doorbell ring. Their anticipation is so fun to watch! And your card is so cute if you don't mind maybe I'll copy and use it next year too!!

Julie said...

Would thoes turtles be Aunt Sue's recipe? Yumm! Everything looks great. You are certainly on the ball--I'm impressed.

Lindsay said...

That's a lot of work making all those cookies. Way to go! They look so yummy! Such cute little helpers.