Saturday, December 13, 2008

Activity Advent, day 13

day 13:
Picture with Santa

Santa came to our credit union again this year. After we had taken a few pictures and left, the girls realized that they had forgotten to tell Santa what they wanted. Greg quickly smoothed things over by reminding the girls that we had already mailed their letters and that he had probably already read them. Crisis averted.

Don't they look cute in their jammies?! We got the idea from the Polar Express party. Thanks for the cute jammies Uncle Matthew and Aunt Jen!


val said...

i love all the fun things you've done. your advent ideas are so creative. you're a cool mom. (and dad)

Kristi said...

Fun! I don't think we're getting a Santa picture this year.

Wiberg 5 said...

I am loving reading all your activities! And I absolutely love your stockings. Way to go!