Sunday, December 21, 2008

Activity Advent, day 21

day 21:
Look at Christmas Lights

We all loaded up into the car to drive around Summerlin and look at Christmas lights. And we have decided that Las Vegas is pretty scroogy. Not very many houses had lights up or any visible Christmas decorations up. We did find one house that went all out, so of course it was our favorite. Both pictures are of that house. Yay, there is Christmas Spirit in Sin City!


Kathryn said...

Lots and Lots of fun posts. I am now getting caught up on all my blogging buddies. I hope you had a great Christmas! Your family is really cute and it looks like you have been building a lot of memories!!

Contact Chauncey or Melanie West said...

These posts of christmas were so fun to look through. You two have such a cute family. Thanks for the posts! We miss you guys!

amanda said...

I loved watching all the fun things you guys did. I hope you had a great Christmas.