Monday, December 15, 2008

Activity Advent, day 15

day 15:
Make Christmas Cards

I am such a slacker. This was actually earlier in the advent calender, but when it came up, I didn't feel like doing it, soo . . . yeah . . . here it is. And money's a little tight, as usual, so I'm not going to be sending it out, sorry. If you don't mind, just consider this your Christmas Card from us! Thanks, and I'll try better next year.

Actually, I could probably just update the pictures and put 2009 on it . . . . . umm, pretend you never saw this card. ;)

ps. I totally copied this design, but I can't remember where I saw it, so I can't give proper credit, sorry. All of the paper was from Shabby Princess.


Tristi Pinkston said...

You know what, Christmas cards are expensive. I e-mailed my Christmas letter this year - who can afford a kathousand stamps? I love your picture!

Tamie said...

i have yet to get our cards done, out, or even ready. we haven't taken a family picture in over a year and a half....i'm thinking that when my sister is here next week, i'll capture her and use her for the other side of the camera. :)
that is a really cute layout though for your cards....and its been fun seeing what you guys are doing all month long.

Kristi said...

SLACKER! Just kidding. I didn't do christmas cards this year either. I even have christmas cards, I just didn't feel like filling them out and sending them. Who's the slacker? After seeing your Activity advent, I've decided to steel your idea for next year. Maybe even make it a Service advent. Way cool ideas!